Smartphone app: reporting

t-mac smartphone app extends the power of the desktop software to users wishing to see energy data on the move.

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Energy management on the move

The app offers users true visibility of energy data and the reasons for energy consumption and changes. Users can view, analyse, compare and share instantaneous snapshots of data over email, all from their handheld devices.

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remote reporting

Data displayed may be real-time data from t-mac, or imported HH/NHH data from a 3rd party data collector. In addition to the metering data, the smartphone app can display data from energy influencers such as weather, temperature, FTE, footfall and production figures.

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data in detail

Rotating the device to landscape while in the summary page allows users to analyse series data in more detail. Users can navigate charts using the left and right arrows or the time period buttons.

Tapping the analysis chart allows users to highlight and view values for all displayed datapoints. Pop up labels display the chosen datapoint values and a date/timestamp for accurate analysis.

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instant energy insights

The calendar icon displays a menu of predefined date ranges which automatically updates the chart with the user selection. Users can also view the series legend or take a screenshot using the camera icon – both options are displayed next to the calendar. Screenshots are saved to the devices gallery, and can be shared with colleagues.

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