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t-mac BMS app extends the power of our BMS software enabling you to monitor and amend control strategies on the move. t-mac BMS app enables you to quickly react to changing building or environmental conditions by optimising control strategies, adjusting values and overriding control schedules.

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Controls on the move

This user friendly app is designed to accommodate all user types from controls experts to building owners/occupiers. The t-mac BMS app offers increased productivity for commissioning engineers, versatile and easy to use controls for facilities/energy managers and restricted comfort controls within deadbands for managers based on site.

Drive operational efficiency with intuitive controls, to save energy, cost and carbon across all your buildings.

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remote controls

Selecting air conditioning, heating, lighting or other configured systems, users can control by set-point, temperature, lux level, time of day to name just a few.

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core features

  • View, set and override control strategies across your building portfolio on the move.
  • Control a variety of building systems and assets.
  • View controls within a calendar of events.
  • View reports for data linked to a control strategy
  • Link controls to environmental conditions
  • An intuitive and familiar user interface between you and your unique building.

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