bespoke dashboards

Custom front end dashboards are great for presenting data in a variety of formats. They can show energy reduction activity from renewable resources, energy saving tips and demonstrate Corporate Social responsibility activity.

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behavioural change

Whatever your requirements, our energy management experts can design a front-end solution that makes energy management analysis, carbon and cost reduction easy and interesting.

Our team of highly skilled .net and app developers design and build the entire t-mac software applications, associated dashboards and apps in house.

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Quickly quantify

Using the latest technology, the dashboards query the t-mac central server for data, some of which may undergo mid-level calculation methodologies to show kWh as flights across the Atlantic, kWh/person or emissions of CO2 for example.

They can be single or multi-page, showing data from single or multiple sites, and can be interactive and/or touch-screen versions. Alternatively a dashboard can scroll through screens to view on a plasma screen.

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Behavioural change

Energy saving dashboards help change occupants behaviour to improve energy efficiency across your estate. Exciting visualisations make energy data easier to understand so you can see how your building is performing. Expressing data in everyday units makes energy understandable for everyone, convert kWh into monetary value or carbon calculations

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