Energy dashboards are perfect for building occupants to view compare and share dynamic energy data in real-time. Using easy-to-digest animated charts and gauges, dashboards leave occupants more informed about their building’s performance and reduction targets. Helping to drive behavioural change and encourage active energy awareness.

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Educate and showcase

Transform BIG DATA into energy insights. Easy-to-interpret charts enable any viewer to identify, track and interpret trends and relationships in a building’s energy data and building systems information. Visualise renewable generation using educational graphics and real-time data, showcase energy savings and conformance to legislation or use a league table to to benchmark sites and encourage energy reduction competition between your businesses sites .

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Energy awareness

Quickly quantify - Express your metering data in everyday units making energy management understandable for everyone. Convert your kWh in to monetary value, carbon calculations or number of miles in a car.

Visualise performance - Exciting visualisations make energy easier to understand so you can see how your building or business is performing. Smart ways to do this are to use smiley faces, thumbs up or traffic lights to show if your on target

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#behavioural change

Save energy socially - a Twitter feed harnesses social media enthusiasm with live feedback, empowering building occupants with energy saving tips to enhance energy saving opportunities and encourage behavioural change.

Keep them coming back - include a live weather feed for your local area which will encourage viewers to check in on a daily basis. Show your reduction targets, create a league table with benchmarking and KPI facilities so occupants can compare site-to-site creating a well-rounded energy view of your whole estate.

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