A responsive energy dashboard enables businesses to view, compare and share energy data with building occupants making energy management understandable for everyone.

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Save energy socially

SMART.DASH allows you to showcase energy data anywhere within your building and on any device from smart TVs and PCs down to tablets and smartphones. It uses easy-to-digest dynamic animated charts and gauges, creating an interactive experience that leaves occupants more informed about building’s performance and reduction targets.

A Twitter feed harnesses social media enthusiasm and SMART.DASH can be customised to accommodate corporate branding by adopting brand colours and adding welcome messages, targets and tips.


eco-enegry awareness

SMART.DASH uses smiley faces, thumbs up, and traffic lights to visualise a buildings performance. SMART.DASH is the next generation of energy dashboards. A versatile dashboard designed to add value to any buisinesses’ energy saving initiatives.

Dashboards are an ideal way to showcase energy reduction activities from displaying your site’s reduction targets and renewable resources to energy saving tips and managing multiple sites or machinery; to demonstrating Corporate Social responsibility activities.


#behavioural change

Exciting visualisations make energy data easier to understand so you can see how your building is performing. Expressing data in everyday units makes energy understandable for everyone, convert kWh into monetary value or carbon calculations

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Snaps to your brand

The software can be customised with an easy to use interface to accomodate corporate branding by adopting brand colours, adding a welcome message and linking to a twitter account. Tailor SMART.DASH to show your reduction targets, create a league table with benchmarking and KPI facilities so occupants can compare site-to-site creating a well-rounded energy view of your whole estate.

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responsive design

SMART.DASH is completely responsive so you can showcase anywhere within your building and on any device from smart TVs and PCs down to smartphones. SMART.DASH connects to the t-mac cloud displaying your data which is kept up-to-date for each activity area. The dynamic views display the data in a variety of formats and over select periods of time with comparisons and summaries by day, week, month or year.

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SMART.DASH is available on a smart dongle allowing the dashboard to run on any display screen over wi-fi. The SMART.DASH.DONGLE connects via the HDMI and USB ports and is quick and easy to set up. Once connected just login and the dashboard will launch and auto play through the configured pages. SMART.DASH is fully responsive so you can showcase on any size screen and the dashboard will snap into shape.

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