Energy analysis

t-mac’s Energy Analysis software is designed to provide businesses with real-time information on energy efficiency, cost and waste.

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Data driven decisions

Providing real-time energy metering data and statistics while quantifying activities, the Energy Analysis software can identify energy costs per piece of equipment, per site or across an entire estate/portfolio.

Energy Analysis enables users to view, analyse, compare, identify and quantify energy consumption inefficiencies and measure carbon emissions for single or multiple sites worldwide.


Real-time energy insights

The software features all the standard energy management reports including cost and energy consumption (kWh) profiles, in and out-of-hours consumption charts and comparisons to historical data, as well as cost reports dynamic profiling, CUSUM and degree-day reports.

View energy data in a variety of formats from kWh and carbon to raw data such as m3, litres, cu ft etc.

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All your data in one place

Bring your entire estate online making it easy to access from a single intuitive application. Energy Analysis allows for auto import or export of data: import HH/NHH data from AMR providers or metering data from an existing BMS; export data as CSV or pragmatically into third party software packages.

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Rapid reports

In just a few clicks you can have your meter data ready to analyse in a variety of reports:

  • Overview report
  • Dynamic/Standard Profile report
  • Date Range Comparison report
  • Business Hours/Out of Hours report
  • Conversion/Tariff report
  • Activity Group report
  • Degree Days Complete with Custom reports
  • Grouped Data report

Automated alerts

Minimise costly consumption out of business hours or parameters

Energy Analysis also allows for alerting functionality, enabling users to set parameters for alerts to be raised if energy profiles breach desired levels.

Energy management on the move

t-mac’s smartphone APP brings a clear, streamlined version of our desktop system to the palm of your hand. Identify peaks and resolve energy surges from your pocket: it’s energy management, on the move.

The APP offers users true visibility of energy data and the reasons for energy consumption and changes. Users can view, analyse/compare and send instantaneous snapshots of data over email, all from their handheld devices.

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