Heating, lighting, air conditioning, refrigeration, compressors, renewables, machinery, building zones etc.

Sub-metering solution


Once businesses know how much they are consuming and when, the next stage is to find out where and why; this is where sub-metering comes in. By sub-metering activity areas such as lighting, heating and general power or zones such as canteens, data-centres, tenanted floors, manufacturing lines and sports halls, businesses can identify the cause of the mains consumption – the reasons behind the peaks, troughs and base-load. From sub-metering data inefficiencies are easily identified and businesses are better armed to take action to reduce consumption, cost and carbon footprint.

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Some clients want to….

Sub-meter key activity areas to identify whether they can change the way they operate systems/processes to reduce load and consumption to create energy and cost savings.

Sub-meter for legislative purposes such as Part L, CRC and CCL reporting.

Sub-meter to gain accreditation standards such as BREAAM and ISO.

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What does sub-metering look like?


We connect to systems and equipment through a variety of meter types; we pick the right meter for the job. Data is sent periodically off site to the t-mac central servers allowing unlimited user access through the online software suite. Many meters from many sites can be viewed and analysed through a single cloud based software platfom.

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Analyse more.

Being able to see environmental data alongside business processes such as footfall, FTE, sales and production figures can provide an insight into the reasons behind energy consumption changes. Then mapping building/system control strategies can help identify how improvements in controls can positively effect energy consumption.

Cloud based software

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Whats next?

Behavioural Change

Engage your team through SMART.DASH. Showing and educating on energy inefficiencies, setting targets and KPIs, can encourage building occupiers to change the way they operate systems. Making your team energy aware can have a 10% reduction on your energy consumption.


Whats next?

Controls/Building Energy Management Systems (BeMS)
Once you have identified the opportunities - the inefficiencies in consumption - you should consider a BeMS. The t-mac BeMS can help you achieve upto 30% in energy consumption reduction. *see BeMS datasheet. If you already have a BeMS, then use the data to evidence a need to change the existing BeMS controls.

Controls software

ESTI-meter is a revolutionary sub-metering device, we invented, designed, tested and manufactured all in-house

t-mac Design Engineering Team

t-mac Design Engineering Team