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Hardware datasheet

Environmental Monitoring

Environmental monitoring is a good addition to any energy management strategy. By attaching sensors (wired and/or wireless) to the t-mac device, businesses can get a better understanding of the environmental conditions within their building and, by monitoring equipment performance, how equipment within the building is operating.

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Monitor building operations

Monitoring internal and external temperature can provide an indication of whether cooling or heating is required, or whether it is running too hot/cold for the building. Monitoring lux levels can provide information on whether there is adequate natural light. Monitoring machine conditions can provide remote diagnostics of equipment performance – how and when it is running.

Machine Monitoring

Machine and environmental monitoring tells a story as to how the building is operating and whether it is being used efficiently; it shows where inefficiencies lie, and also illustrates how to improve performance and therefore implement controls – local controls, people controls and/or BMS controls.

Hardware Datasheet

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