Control to save energy cost and carbon: heating, lighting, air conditioning, refrigeration, compressors, people. The applications are endless.

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Control to save

Adding control to energy management activities is the only way businesses can reduce energy consumption and cost. Once metering is active, causes of consumption can be identified, areas for improvement are highlighted and an organisation understands how best to change the practices within the building. The next stage is control.

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Scale to suit

Control can come in many forms from local controls to full-scale BMS. With t-mac the controls are scalable to suit any businesses’ need and budget. t-mac can control lighting, heating and air conditioning systems as well as compressors and other machinery. Control with t-mac can range from simple on/off to more complex controls such as set point limitation, managing fan speed and direction, and control strategies such as interlocking windows with air conditioning, air conditioning with heating or door curtain heaters for example.

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Controls from the cloud

The t-mac Building Management System (BMS) software platform offers businesses an interactive window into the operation of their buildings. t-mac’s BMS software enables users to implement, amend and manage control strategies on a wide portfolio of sites from a single touch of a button.

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