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Helping you achieve BREEAM

BREEAM is the Building Research Establishment’s (BRE) Environmental Assessment Method first launched in the UK in 1990. It sets best practice standards for the environmental performance of buildings through design, specification, construction and operation.

BREEAM is a measure which assures that the required standard of best practice is adopted for the building. It produces a score against nine criteria:


Land use and ecology.


Health and well-being.






Each of the criteria is scored and then multiplied by a weighting. There are minimum thresholds that must be achieved, and additions can be made for specific innovations. The resulting overall score is translated into BREEAM rating. BREEAM ratings include; unclassified, pass, good, very good, excellent and outstanding.

BREEAM’s initial focus is on newly constructed buildings, but the standard has developed further to include BREEAM In-Use which is focused on improving energy efficiency and sustainability of already existing buildings. The BREEAM In-Use scheme could help a client with the management and performance of the building once it is completed.

The BREEAM In-Use is available online and is reviewed annually to account for any improvements made on a single asset or a portfolio of assets. It benefits investors, owners, landlords, facilities managers and occupiers by:

reducing operational costs and increasing efficiency

enhancing asset value and increasing market demand

helping to attract tenants and occupiers

improving the wellbeing, productivity and satisfaction of people working in the building

helping bridge the ‘performance gap’ between modelled outputs and operational outputs

providing independent third party certification of a building’s sustainability

contributing to corporate social responsibility, business reporting and sustainable business leadership.

Additionally, BREEAM In-Use has a people element where users are rewarded for implementing policies, systems and procedures that encourage optimum use and management of the building.

Whilst BREEAM dominates the UK market, alternative methods of environmental assessment include; Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) in the USA, Greenstar in Australia, HQE in France and CASBEE in Japan.



UK Government approves Hinkley Nuclear Power Station

The Hinkley Point C nuclear power station has been approved by Government today. The UK’s first nuclear plant for 20 years will be allowed to go ahead, but with new requirements on its owner, EDF. Ministers have also decided to impose ‘significant new safeguards’ for foreign investment in nuclear energy which will apply after Hinkley.

The revised agreement with EDF includes:

The Government being able to prevent EDF Energy from selling a controlling stake after Hinkley is complete, without prior notification

The Government being able to intervene in the sale once it is operational

Meanwhile, a new legal framework for future nuclear energy projects will mean that, after Hinkley, the Government will take a ‘special share’ in all future nuclear new build projects

Secretary of State for the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) Greg Clark said:

“Having thoroughly reviewed the proposal for Hinkley Point C, we will introduce a series of measures to enhance security and will ensure Hinkley cannot change hands without the Government’s agreement. Consequently, we have decided to proceed with the first new nuclear power station for a generation.”

The contracts for Difference for EDF Energy’s Hinkley Point C power stations would provide a set inflation-linked price of £92.50 (2011/12 price) per megawatt hour for 35 years once the plant begins operating. When the wholesale price is below the agreed strike price the difference is paid to the generator, with the cost passed on to consumers.



Is there a Hinkley Point?

Utilitywise’s Strategy and Innovation director Jon Ferris has stated that “the UK could offset more than the expected output from Hinkley Point C by talking all the opportunities to save energy identified due to Esos, and at a much lower cost”. The Esos savings identified are not the end of the whole story but if we just take these it would save nearly 30TWh annually, or 10% of current UK electricity demand. So as ever energy efficiency, sometimes called the fifth fuel, makes a compelling case for serious consideration.

Energyst August/September 2016


Utilitywise in the News

The announcement of a final investment decision on the new Hinkley nuclear power plant, followed swiftly by a surprise delay from the UK Government on going forward with the project, dominated the news headlines last week.

Utilitywise’s Strategy and Innovation director Jon Ferris was seen across TV, radio and print discussing the recent Hinkley developments, the role of new nuclear and the other options open to the Government in tackling the UK’s energy challenges.

Jon was interviewed live on BBC Business News on Friday 29 July, and you can watch it here:

His live interview on Share Radio can be heard here:…

Jon was also quoted on Bloomberg, CityAM and Utility Week highlighting findings from Utilitywise which show the UK could offset more than the electricity output from Hinkley simply by implementing ESOS energy efficiency measures. The cost of implementing these measures is estimated to be less than £6 billion, one-third the cost of the new nuclear power station.



Utilitywise Partnership with Dell

Utilitywise plc (AIM:UTW), the leading independent utility cost management consultancy, announces that it has been named an OEM partner by Dell as part of a joint strategy to introduce Internet of Things (IoT) Building Automation solutions to customers.

IoT connects internet-enabled devices with powerful software to provide users with a more granular level of control over energy-consuming assets. Devices include heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), security, refrigeration and lighting, which have traditionally operated as standalone entities. Connecting disparate devices together in a single, intelligent system can provide significant cost and performance advantages over traditional Building Energy Management Systems (BeMS) solutions.

Andy Rhodes, executive director, commercial IoT solutions, Dell said:

“IoT technology is changing the way we live, work and do business. We know the IoT can provide a number of advantages to the energy management industry such as reducing waste, identifying efficiencies and cost savings.

“Dell is excited to be working with Utilitywise, and we believe they have the infrastructure, industry knowledge and market reach to introduce innovative IoT solutions.”

Brin Sheridan, Utilitywise COO, commented:

“IoT technology enhances our existing t-mac BeMS capability. When we acquired t-mac, we recognised that the emerging IoT landscape would complement their cloud-based analytics and controls solution. Now, in addition to providing traditional BeMS users with enhanced solutions, IoT technologies will enable Utilitywise to offer affordable solutions to SMEs who are usually priced out of this market.

“These are exciting times and we are also exploring a number of new services that could be facilitated by IoT, for example opening up demand-side reduction capability to more businesses.

“Our strategic relationship with Dell puts us at the centre of emerging IoT developments, which will ensure that our customers are amongst the first to benefit from enhanced energy management solutions that save them money and reduce their carbon footprint.”



The Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the network of physical objects - devices, vehicles, buildings and other items - embedded with electronics, software, sensors, and network connectivity that enables these objects to collect and exchange data. Gartner expect the number of connected devices to be 6.4 billion devices by the end of 2016 and to increase to 20.8 billion devices by 2020.

Dell OEM Partner Programme

The Dell Partner program is a multi-tier program that includes ISVs, IHVs, System Integrators and Solution Providers globally. The program helps partners use Dell platforms to build innovative and highly competitive business solutions that lowers customer costs and sustains competitive advantage.

For Customers

The Partner Program instils confidence in customers because it enables them to deploy solutions that are fully tested, validated and supported by Dell across many industries and verticals. The program enables customers to choose Certified solutions from leading certified/verified technology partners in various industries, with solutions comprised of everything from tablets to sophisticated enterprise solutions.

For Partners

The program has structured and streamlined processes that works in conjunction with multi-discipline business functions and Dell Solution Centres to on-board and test the partner’s products on Dell platforms.


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Utilitywise is a leading independent utility cost management consultancy based in North Tyneside. The Group has established trading relationships with a number of major UK energy suppliers and provides services to its customers designed to assist them in achieving better value out of their energy contracts, reduced energy consumption and lower carbon footprint.

Businesses large and small rely on Utilitywise for their energy management needs. Clients range in size from single site SME’s to multinationals with thousands of sites and cover the whole of the UK. In total, Utilitywise has c.29,000 UK & I customers.



Utilitywise makes the shortlist for the Smart Energy Awards 2016

‘Smart Energy UK & Europe’ is the Continent’s leading and longest established Smart Energy Summit and focuses on developments, challenges and opportunities in smart technology for utilities.

This year’s ceremony is held at the Lancaster Hotel in London on 28th January at the 7th Smart Energy UK & Europe Summit 2016.

‘Smart Energy UK & Europe’ is the continent’s leading and longest established Smart Energy Summit and focuses on developments, challenges and opportunities in smart technology for utilities.

Utilitywise is honoured to have been nominated for an energy monitoring award for our Building Energy Management System (BeMS) created by our sister company, t-mac Technologies. Our cloud-based software makes proactive energy management easy, helping our clients to reduce costs and lower consumption by 20-30%.

The t-mac system is suitable for businesses of all types and has been installed in banks, restaurants, fashion boutiques, furniture and gaming retailers across the UK, Europe and Asia. Users in any type of property can remotely analyse consumption and cost, identify anomalies and focus on removing any inefficiency by amending the controls, regardless of size and nature.

The easy to use cloud-based software and smartphone app features:

Energy Analysis & Reporting: For monitoring, identifying and quantifying energy consumption, cost and inefficiencies

BeMS: For managing/controlling the single or multiple site’s control strategies.

BeMS App: For viewing and amending control strategies as well as viewing energy reports on the move.

SMART.DASH: For showcasing commitment to energy reduction and educating/influencing stakeholders on any device from smart TVs and PCs down to tablets and smartphones.

To discover more about t-mac and the BeMS system why not start here. To find out about the conference and award ceremony click here.



Energy Superheroes launch

Kapow! we’re all energy superheroes at t-mac!

Saving energy, cutting costs and quashing carbon emissions is part of our daily routine. All the team have big ambitions for our products and services from our bright spark engineers who craft the t-mac hardware, the web wizards who code the cloud based software to our energy controls experts zipping from site to site.

Discover the new t-mac site and see what has changed since you last jumped into our universe. We have new hardware, software and services which our client account managers will be happy to talk you through.



t-mac Technologies aquired by Utilitywise

We are delighted to announce that t-mac is now part of Utilitywise Plc, one of the UK’s leading energy management consultancies, which will enable us to offer a complete portfolio of strategic utility procurement and management services to our customers. Click here to find out more

Utilitywise RNS information


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