WiST (Wireless Sensor Technology) is t-mac Technologies’ range of wireless devices, which utilise technology that harvests energy from the environment such as light, temperature and motion. This technological breakthrough eliminates the need for external wiring or batteries, and results in a virtually maintenance-free sensor.

WiST Datasheet

The technology

Our sensors are based around a proven, standards based, technology from EnOcean, and they use the license-free 315MHz and 868MHz frequency bands, making them suitable throughout the world.

Telegrams which are sent by our sensors have a low possibility of signal collision due to the relatively high data rate (125 kilobits per second) and short transmission time (one millisecond). In addition, our sensors transmit a telegram twice within the space of 30 milliseconds, to reduce the possibility of transmission errors.

WiST sensors have a range of approximately 100 meters in the open, and up to 30 meters inside a building.

Each WiST sensor comes with a unique 32-bit identification number to exclude any possibility of overlap with other EnOcean based wireless devices.



  • Freely position sensors on glass, stone, wood or furniture.
  • Flexible room configuration
  • Interoperable sensors

Cost and Time

  • Reduced installation and retrofit cost
  • No wiring or breaking into walls or ceilings
  • No need for expensive wire conduit and trays
  • No disruption to tenant
  • Maintenance free - No batteries
  • Reduced cable and wiring materials (copper, plastics, etc.)

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How WiST works

Once installed, Wireless Sensors monitor functions critical to each assets condition and efficiency based on a combination of measurements, such as:

  • Temperature
  • Light
  • Humidity
  • CO2
  • Utility metering

Collected data is then be transmitted wirelessly to the t-mac device via a wireless receiver. From here, the information is uploaded to the t-mac software suite for user viewing, analysis, multi-site comparison and reporting functions.

WiST Gateway

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