A/C Interfaces

t-mac Technologies’ Panasonic/Sanyo A/C interfaces allow an external controller (e.g. t-mac device) to manage Panasonic/Sanyo Air-conditioning equipment, via either an RS485 Modbus RTU or Modbus TCP interface.

A/C interfaces datasheet

Easy A/C control

The interfaces expose information over Modbus and update the information continuously. Certain Air-conditioning settings will have read/write access while other information is read only. Control of large systems is simplified through global values that apply to all units. Fault codes can be monitored to allow remote diagnosis of failures.

t-mac systems interfaces are compatable with both the Sanyo SHA-KA128AGB and Panasonic CZ-CFUNC2 A/C Gateways.

Sanyo AMY to Modbus RTU Interface Datasheet

Sanyo AMY to Modbus TCP Interface Datasheet

A/C interfaces datasheet

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Jonathan Wilkinson Innovations Director

Jonathan Wilkinson Innovations Director