Protocol Converters

t-mac have designed a range of off-the-shelf and customisable protocol converters designed and manufactured in the UK by t-mac’s highly-skilled design engineering team.

Our unique Research and Development department is already working with many OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) worldwide to bring M2M solutions to market quickly and effectively.

Hardware Datasheet

Seamless connections

Equipment often has a serial port or similar communication port that uses a proprietary protocol. This restricts it to work only with the manufacturer’s own equipment and software. To open up the communication with other systems, such as t-mac, it is necessary to convert the closed proprietary protocol into an open protocol such as Modbus or BACnet. A protocol converter is a small device which speaks two languages. It bridges the gap between the open protocol and closed protocol by translating between the two languages.

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OEM Solutions

Often there is a requirement to connect t-mac to 3rd party equipment for monitoring and control. When equipment does not have an open protocol connection, t-mac Technologies offers a custom protocol converter design service.

We have extensive experience of dealing with equipment manufacturers to obtain technical details of protocols, and developing a suitable converter to facilitate connection.

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Product Development

t-mac’s engineers cover all aspects of product development, from hardware and software development through to product certification and conformity testing. We always work to optimise designs while keeping costs low and functionality, flexibility, modularity and manufacturability high.

t-mac has experience in developing a wide variety of protocol converters for third-party equipment, such as:


  • Electricity meters
  • Air conditioning systems
  • Air handling units
  • Access control systems
  • Oil condition sensors
  • Fuel monitoring gauges
  • Compressed air dryers
  • Gas generators
  • Lighting controllers