t-mac aM&T

The t-mac aM&T device comprises hardware for metering multi-utilities in real-time and monitoring environmental conditions both inside and outside the building as well as online software for analysis and targeting of the energy data and conditions.

aM&T Datasheet


The t-mac device connects to pulse-outputs from in situ fiscal meters or comes complete with Modbus or pulse sub-meters for metering electricity, gas, water, heat and compressed air. The t-mac device also provides the facility to monitor environmental conditions such as temperature, pressure and humidity.

masters of meters

Metering and environmental data is transmitted over wireless GPRS or Ethernet to central servers where users access, analyse, report, target and quantify energy consumption data from the real-time and historic collected data through t-mac’s online software suite.

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Product Specification


t-mac aM&t


Configurable inputs 12

Switched power outputs 12

0-10v outputs 4

Ethernet (BASE10-T) Yes

GPRS modem Yes


RS-485 Yes

Type Wall mounted

Material Powder coated steel

Dimensions 350x400x80

clever cloud software

The online software suite accommodates all user types from those on the move (smartphone app) and basic users/ building occupiers (energy showcasing dashboard) to those who are more analytical (energy analysis and report builder).

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