t-mac G2

The t-mac system has the ability to act as a remote multi-utility metering device, sub-metering tool, building management system or a machine condition monitoring device.

Hardware datasheet

meters to machinery

Connecting to meters, sensors, machinery and/or HVAC&R equipment, t-mac provides remote metering, monitoring, control and remote diagnostics, continually detecting and reading information from the equipment it is monitoring and acting as an early warning device for faults, energy inefficiency or incorrect usage; sending SMS and/or email alerts to personnel when pre-set parameters are breached.

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t-mac and the technology

Collected data is transmitted over wireless GPRS or Ethernet to the t-mac cloud which feeds into our software, smartphone app and dashbaords. Users can view, analyse and manage site or equipment activities, use and performance through the t-mac system; accessing real-time and historic data from many sites located worldwide via the t-mac online software suite.

t-mac system is the perfect way for you to manage building energy performance, equipment use and operation.

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