10,000 Light bulbs. 500 Workstations. 90 Card terminals. 90 Cash registers. 15 Branches. 01 t-mac.

Managing multiple retail sites isn’t easy – but you’re not super-human are you? See how t-mac products and services can help save your business energy, cost and carbon.

The Issue

  • Lighting accounts for 25-30 per cent of energy use in retail stores.
  • Too much lighting causes overheating, excessive cooling of the building and therefore increases costs.
  • Poor quality air-conditioning devices and heating appliances also cause an increase in energy consumption.
  • Energy is wasted through laziness – machinery or PC equipment left on standby, lights left on, and not adjusting thermostat temperatures on warm days.
  • Energy from lighting used for marketing purposes, for example, can be reduced by switching lights off between the hours of 12pm and 5am.

t-mac Solution

  • Avoid wasting energy with t-mac’s intelligent energy management system
  • Improve the way energy is managed around a site, potentially reducing a company’s lighting bills by as much as 45 per cent
  • For heating there are potential savings of up to 6 per cent for every 1ºC lowered on a thermostat
  • Lighting control
  • Time clock control
Case Studies

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