300 Light bulbs. 100 sensors. 20 fridges. 7 Extract Fans. 4 Neon Signs. 01 t-mac.

t-mac can help monitor and manage energy use and identify areas of improvement. Helping machinery run more efficiently for optimum performance

The Issue

  • Heating and ventilation of Kitchens and dining areas need the most energy and at irregular hours
  • Extract Fans, refrigeration and other energy intensive equipment may run unnecessarily or be operating inefficiently due to lack of maintenance, age or local control settings which haven’t been optimised.
  • Lighting accounts for 25-30 per cent of all energy use in Restaurants
Case Studies

t-mac Solution

  • Monitor environmental conditions - including temperature, humidity and lux levels. Set up SMS and e-mail alerts when parameters are breached to resolve as soon as possible.
  • Remote diagnostics on equipment performance and operation.
  • Remote monitoring and management of air conditioning units, heating and ventilation systems.
  • Remote management of HVAC equipment to adjust settings, set-points, fan speed and direction.
  • Limit set-point control to eradicate staff overriding or changing set-points, resulting in additional energy use and cost.
  • Provide remote diagnostics and optimisation for energy intensive equipment, leading to an improvement in efficiency.

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