5,000 Workstations. 1500 Lighting panels. 200 Air conditioning units. 50 Meeting rooms. 10 Floors. 01 t-mac.

t-mac offers remote control of your business conditions, ensuring peak performance whilst minimising costs.

The Issue

  • Heating and ventilation equipment requires constant monitoring to ensure energy efficient use for offices.
  • If regular monitoring is ignored then equipment can leak energy without it being detected.
  • A significant amount of energy is wasted through poor housekeeping. PCs left on standby, lights left on out of hours.
  • Poorly performing equipment caused by local faults in the equipment or poor maintenance results in excess energy consumption and cost.
  • Lighting control
Case Studies

t-mac Solution

  • Remote monitoring and management of air conditioning units, heating and ventilation systems.
  • Remote diagnostics on equipment performance and operation.
  • Remote fault setting alerts immediately.
  • Remote management of HVAC equipment to adjust settings, set-points, fan speed and direction.
  • Limit air conditioning set-point control to eradicate staff overriding or changing temperature on local control panel, resulting in additional energy use and cost.
  • Remote control

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