1000 machines. 400 Workstations. 90 Lighting panels. 25 Extract fans. 10 Production lines. 03 Offices. 01 t-mac.

Monitoring manufacturing equipment provides you with energy saving opportunities and will help cut your carbon footprint.

The Issue

  • Machinery requires constant monitoring and maintaining to ensure they are operating efficiently.
  • Poorly maintained equipment and machinery, if ignored or incorrectly monitored can be costly for both the company’s bottom line and for the environment.
Case Studies

t-mac Solution

  • t-mac controls machinery and equipment with energy efficiency in mind so your not wasting energy on idle equipment
  • Smartly link your manufacturing hours or shift patterns to control schedules for each production line or area.
  • Proactive monitoring and maintenance of machinery extends machine lifecycle and keeps production running at optimum levels and energy savings high.
  • Identify how efficient machines are operating; when they are working; if they are coping with demand; and if they are running at peak efficiency.

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