4,000 Lighting Panels. 500 Desktop PCs . 90 Air Conditioners. 40 Solarpanels. 11 buildings. 02 Swimming pools. 01 t-mac.

Energy management best practice in buildings starts with the people who use the facilities everyday. Educating occupiers with a energy saving dashboard to encourage behavioural change will provide immediate cost benefit. Think outside the box: t-mac building energy managementsystems – provides the solution.

The Issue

  • Educational establishments can find it difficult to identify precise running costs and inefficiencies.
  • In such large establishments, energy intensive equipment such as heating, lighting and air conditioning can often be over used.
  • Overnight consumption can account for up to 15% of total energy costs.
  • Educational establishments as well as public sector companies are constantly looking at ways to reduce costs.
Case Studies

t-mac Solution

  • Energy reduction is one of the quickest ways to save on financial costs through focusing on ‘waste’ consumption.
  • t-mac device allows institutions to meter multi-utilities as well as sub-metering of key activity areas such as canteens, sports halls and flood-lit pitches.
  • t-mac enables schools to identify key activity areas and consumption costs plus take control of equipment to reduce energy consumption and waste.
  • In addition to metering applications, t-mac can control energy intensive equipment to ensure the equipment is only being used when it is required.
  • Adjusting operations to accommodate shorter Run times for air conditioning, lighting or heating.
  • Remote diagnostics of equipment helps to create greater energy efficiencies and ultimately reduce cost and carbon footprint.

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