15,000 Client servers. 800 Workstations. 200 Air handling units. 90 Inverters. 10 datacentres. 01 t-mac.

t-mac helps building systems and machinery run with energy efficiency in mind. Which is great for the planet as well as your bottom line.

The Issue

  • Environmental monitoring is an important part of server room / datacentre management.
  • Monitoring and managing critical conditions such as temperature and humidity can often prove difficult.
  • Faults in cooling equipment can destroy data centre equipment and lead the business to experience costly downtime.
Case Studies

t-mac Solution

  • t-mac manages critical conditions using remote controls
  • control (door open / close) and air conditioning output
  • temperature, pressure and power monitoring.
  • By connecting t-mac to temperature sensors within the room as well as the sensors on air conditioning equipment, the t-mac system can alert personnel should temperatures increase beyond the desirable and fall into critical levels.
  • Monitoring air conditioning systems helps datacentres and businesses to know of faults in cooling equipment before they occur.

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