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Forward thinking, market leaders, innovative minds, energy savers, technology driven, ambitious, customer focussed. We are t-mac Technologies.

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In essence, t-mac Technologies is a manufacturer and developer of building energy management systems, but in truth we are much more.

At t-mac we specialise in working with clients to create customised and interactive energy management solutions that will help reduce carbon and cost.

We like to think that it’s our forward thinking attitude and fresh approach that make us leaders in the energy and building management field. A strong in-house team that design, build and manufacture all under one roof is our inimitable strength.

Founded by us, Lisa Gingell and Jonathan Wilkinson, t-mac Technologies is a family affair. We are a brother-sister duo who along with the assistance of our parents Alan and Irene Wilkinson set up t-mac Technologies in 2004.

With an engineering and manufacturing heritage, courtesy of our parents successful business FAW Electronics (est 1978), our family has always had software in our hearts, innovation on our minds and energy saving in our sights.

The winning combination of a terrific team made up of dedicated experts have helped us win numerous awards over the years:

  • BT Essence of the Entrepreneur (2008)
  • National Business Awards regional winner (2008)
  • Building Controls Industry Awards Technical Innovation of the Year (2008)
  • Fast Growth Business Award (2009)
  • Building Controls Industry Awards Software of the Year (2010)
  • Shortlisted for the Energy Awards (2013)

t-mac Technologies is also a proud member of ESTA, an energy management industry association. ESTA provides a network of experienced consultants and technology experts, making it a key source of market intelligence to help UK businesses solve their energy management issues.

About us

Since launching in 2004, t-mac Technologies has gained a strong position as a provider of the UK’s leading energy management system. Our continued growth in the market has been driven by an increased understanding of the necessity of energy management by the business world with the need to monitor, manage and control energy usage never greater.

The company’s cutting-edge products are in demand on a global scale enabling clients to monitor and reduce their energy consumption, make savings and comply with Government legislation. Using wireless and cloud based technology, t-mac provides intelligent systems for remote monitoring and control of assets such as heating, ventilation and air conditioning as well as utilities such as gas and electricity. t-mac design, manufacture and distribute our innovative products and battery-less wireless sensor technology (WiST) to an ever expanding client-base across the UK and worldwide.

We are an award-winning Company made up of dedicated experts in the field of electronics engineering and software bringing t-mac and its associated systems and products to life for clients; providing the next generation of energy management solutions.

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