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Since launching in 2004, t-mac Technologies has gained a strong position as a provider of the UK’s leading energy management system. t-mac’s continued growth in the market has been driven by an increased understanding of the necessity of energy management by the business world with the need to monitor, manage and control energy usage never greater.

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t-mac and the technology

The company’s cutting-edge products are in demand on a global scale enabling clients to monitor and reduce their energy consumption, make savings and comply with Government legislation. Using wireless and web-based technology, t-mac provides intelligent systems for remote, Internet monitoring and control of assets such as heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration as well as consumables such as water, air, gas and electricity.

t-mac is a fast paced and growing company in a developing market place. Energy management and energy reduction is a strong topic of debate and the sector is showing strong growth above other industries.

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Award winning team

t-mac Technologies is an award-winning Company made up of dedicated experts in the field of electronics engineering and web application bringing t-mac and its associated systems and products to life for clients; providing the next generation of energy management solutions.

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